The malpractice environment varies largely by where they medicine is being practiced.  With that being the case, your rate is largely determined by what territories you are placing providers.  To see a detailed breakout of one carriers interpretation of most of the states, please see Sample Territory List. 

While these territories may vary by carrier, most carriers will list the following as much more risky (read costly), than the others:

  • New York (Five Burroughs) - This area is, by far, the highest paying premium in the Country.  For example, on OB/GYN with 0 claims will pay around $120,000 annually.  This is for 2,080 hours of work.  For comparison sake, that same OB/GYN in Texas will pay about $12,000.  So, for an 8 hour day for malpractice will usually run about $462 in NY and $46 in Texas.  If your rate is less or more than these, it is probably a "composite rate" where they blend risky and non risky states together.
  • Cook County, Illinois 
  • Miami/Dade, Florida
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Clark, Nevada