The information outlined in this website is information I gathered and learned in order to serve my number one priority, my clients.  Nothing in here will reveal any trade secrets or confidential information in any way, shape or form.  These "tips" are things I have gathered that I feel will help the industry.

The purpose of is to simply share information that I feel might be helpful to:

  • Reduce the cost of one of your larger expenses, professional liability insurance
  • Minimize your risk
  • Maximize your insurance program coverage
  • Inform you of current issues in the industry related to risk and insurance
  • Enable you to prepare for, understand, and control, your risk an insurance program

If that implants the desire for you to speak with Sheridan Insurance Group for brokerage services, great!.  If not, that is completely ok.  I firmly believe if you adhere to some of the information provided here, you will be better off and the condition of the industry will be better off....which, is a win for us all.

I tried to be thorough on this site.  But, if there is something not on here that you would like to know about, feel free to let us know and we will be glad to considering adding it.  This site is designed to help you.  Your feedback is the best way we can try to help.  Please be patient as I will constantly be updating this site.