What information should I provide to the insurance carriers when requesting a quotation?

What information, and how you present it, is one of the most important pieces of your rate and premium you receive.  These underwriters literally review thousands of submissions a year from various companies and it is in your best interest to present them with information in the format they are familiar with and can understand.  It is no secret that if they don't understand the information they are reviewing, they guess.  If they guess on anything, I guarantee you they will not guess in your favor.  Accordingly, I wanted to outline some of the pieces of information I provide for my clients that I think are most important to the underwriters in order for them to ensure they understand the risk they are underwriting and can price it appropriately.

  • Loss/claims data - See Sample Loss Run
  • Historical and projected exposures 
  • Verification of credentials (underwriting) guidelines 
  • Executive summary 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a more detailed description of the above.